Certified Trainer Scheme 


The Recent Events

FREE Webinar: The Talent 2024 (April 2024)

2024 ITP Membership Renewal / Updating (Jan 2024)

ITP Winter Hiking 2023 (Dec 2023)

ITP AGM 2023 (Aug 2023)

TID Seminar on "Exploring the Potentials of Metaverse in Training and Business" (Jul 2023)

Sharing Session on AI and VR (April 2023)

Spring Hiking (April 2023)

2023 ITP Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2022)

Webiinar on Experience Sharing on Hosting a Successful Online Conference (Oct 2022)

ITP AGM 2022 (Aug 2022)

 "The Talent 2022" Virtual Conference (Mar 2022)

2022 ITP Members Renewal / Updating (Feb 2022)

Free Tour to SmarTone 5G LAB (Sep 2021)

ITP AGM 2021 (Aug 2021)

Webinar on "Suit up your colleagues, running ahead sustainably." (June 2021) 

Webinar on "How HR Can Make Data-Driven Decisions" (May 2021)

Webinar on Virtual Event Engagement and Collaboration (Mar 2021)

Virtual Tour to Sino Inno Lab (Jan 2021)

Certified Trainer Scheme (2021)

2021 ITP Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2020)

Sharing - Tips and Tools for Virtual Event (Nov 2020)

TID Webinar: "Managing Self, Managing Time" (Oct 2020)

ITP AGM 2020 (Aug 2020)

Certified Trainer Scheme (2020)

2020 ITP Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2019)

Visit to Marine Department (Dec 2019)

ITP AGM 2019 (Aug 2019)

Sharing Session: Training Practices in the Fast-Food Restaurant Industry (Aug 2019)

Sharing Session: A Trainer's Experience of a 100-day Round-the-world Boat Trip (Jun 2019)

Visit to EMSD (May 2019)

Spring Hiking (Mar 2019)

ITP Continuous Development Seminar "A Delightful Touch with People" by Pizza Hut Hong Kong (Jan 2019)

2019 ITP Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2018)

SME Seminar on "Where is Training?" (Oct 2018)

ITP AGM (Jul 2018)

Sharing Session on Latest Developments of HKQF and HRM SCS Applications (Apr 2018)

Zhuhai Airport Study Tour (Apr 2018)

2018 ITP Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2017)

Visit to Police College (Jan 2018)

Fall Hiking (Dec 2017)

SME Seminar on "Innovative Talent Training and Development" (Nov 2017)

SME Seminar on "Talent Development in the Era of Disruption" (Oct 2017)

ITP AGM (Aug 2017)

Visit to Fire and Ambulance Services Academy (Aug 2017)

Spring Hiking (Apr 2017)

2017 ITP Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2016)

ITP AGM (Sep 2016)

Forum on 'Could We Do without a Training Department?' (Jun 2016)

SME Seminar on "Success through Innovation" (Jun 2016)

IMCHK Workshop: Facilitating Change in Business Consulting (Jun 2016)

Visit to Construction Industry Council (CIC) Training Centre (Apr 2016)

Spring Hiking (Mar 2016)

2016 ITP Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2015)

Fall Hiking (Dec 2015)

ITP AGM (Sep 2015)

SME Seminar on "Management and Art" (Sep 2015)

IMCHK Workshop: Why Appreciating Your Staff Makes Business Sense? (Aug 2015)

Visit to Lanson Place Hotel Hong Kong (May 2015)

Forum on QF, an Easy Way (資歷架構容易做) (Apr 2015)

IMCHK Seminar: Uncork your Creativity to Drive Innovations in the Wine Industry? (Apr 2015)

HKPC: Certified Lean Six Sigma and Process Excellence Manager (6-day Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program (24-26 April and 27-29 June 2015)

HKPC: Diploma in Adventure-based Counselling and Psychology (2 April - 30 June 2015)

Spring Hiking (Feb 2015)

2015 Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2014)

Fall Hiking (Dec 2014)

SME Seminar on "Coaching for Performance" (Nov 2014)

IMCHK Workshop on "Facebook for Business" (Nov 2014)

Certificate in Learning & Development (15 Nov - 13 Dec 2014 (Sat))

SME Seminar on "Effective Performance Management" (Oct 2014)

ITP AGM (Aug 2014)

Visit to Karrie International Holdings Limited (Jun 2014)

Visit to Lanson Place Hotel (Apr 2014)

Spring Hiking (Mar 2014)

Forum on Successful Mentoring at Work (導亦有道) (Mar 2014)

2014 Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2013)

Fall Hiking (Nov 2013)

Visit to Hongkong Post (Nov 2013)

Visit to Hung Fook Tong (Oct 2013)

ITP AGM (Jul 2013)

Visit to American Express (May 2013)

Visit to MTR Operations Training Centre (Apr 2013)

Spring Hiking (Mar 2013)

2013 Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2012)

Autumn Hiking (Dec 2012)

Visit to Bossini (Dec 2012) 

Visit to Skycity Marriott Hotel (Oct 2012)

Drucker Management Forum 2012 (Oct 2012)

ITP AGM (Jul 2012)

Visit to Fire Services Training School (Jun 2012)

Visit to CLP (Mar 2012)

Spring Hiking (Feb 2012)

2012 Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2011)

Winning Experience of the Training Award Champion (Dec 2011)

Autumn Hikinig (Dec 2011)

Joint Golf Tournament (Nov 2011)

Visit to KMB (Sep 2011)

Visit to Ngong Ping 360 (Aug 2011)

ITP AGM (Jul 2011)

Seminar on Hong Yip's ASTD Award (Jun 2011)

Spring Hiking (Apr 2011)

2011 Membership Renewal / Updating (Dec 2010)

CPD Visit to Hospitality Industry Training & Development Centre (HITDC) and the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute (CCTI) (Nov 2010)

Autumn Hiking (Nov 2010)

How to Start a Viable Consulting Business in 5 Days (AMC Program) (Oct-Nov 2010)

Joint Seminar on "Negotiation Skills (Oct 2010)

ITP AGM (Jul 2010)

Visit to Macau Gaming Teaching & Research Centre and Institute for Tourism Studies (Jul 2010)

Joint Seminar on "Making Training a Value Added Process" (Jun 10)

Visit to West Rail Line Operation Control Centre & Pat Heung Depot (May 10)

Master of Education in HR Training and Development (Sep 2010 intake) (Application Deadline: 31 May 2010)

Spring Hiking (Mar 10)

2010 Membership Renewal / Updating (Feb 10)

Fall Hiking (Nov 09)

Visit to Noah's Ark (Nov 09)

Visit to Tate's Cairn Tunnel (Oct 09)

Joint Seminar on Internal Consulting (Aug 09)

ITP AGM (Jul 09)

Diploma in Learning and Development (Jun 10 - Oct 28, 2009)

ITP CPD Visit to The Beauty Group (May 09)

Spring Hiking (Mar 09)

3-Day Train-the-Trainer Workshop (Mar 09)

Visit to Ocean Park (Mar 09)

Visit to MSTI (Jan 09)

Fall Hiking (Nov 08)

Visit to HAECO (Oct 08)

Seminar on Talent Management (Sep 08)

ITP AGM (Jul 08)

Starbucks Seminar (Jul 08)

Hiking (May 08)

Seminar on Tao Heung's Gold Award (Apr 08)

Seminar on Coaching (Mar 08)

Spring Dinner (Feb 08)

Fall Hiking (Dec 07)

Routes to earning your MBA/DBA Degree (Oct 07)

Joint ITP / Hong Yip Seminar (Oct 07)

ITP AGM (Jul 07)

ITP CPD Visit to the Auxiliary Medical Service HQs and Training Centre

ITP helps to provide Training and Development for trainers in Hong Kong : - an interview by the Hong Kong Economic Times in April 2007

Train-the-Trainer Certificate Program (May 07)

ITP CPD Visit to BEA (Apr 07)

Spring Hiking / Sea Cruise (Mar 07)

Wetland Park Visit (Feb 07)

A bridging program to a DBA Degree

The Joint IFTDO/ISPI 2007 International Perfomance Improvement Conference and 36th IFTDO World Conference (Apr07)

Happy Hour Gathering (Dec 06)

Fall Hiking Function (Oct 06)

Happy Hour Gathering (Sep 06)

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